Olympic games 2024 and soccer in Lyon

Everyone to the Games!

Proud of its sporting reputation, the city of Lyon is delighted to host the grand celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer.

As an emblematic soccer region, no less than 11 matches will take place on the turf of Lyon’s stadium.

And what if you took advantage of this unique event to discover the third-largest city in France?

Part of the men’s and women’s soccer tournaments will be held in the former capital of the Gauls from July 24th to August 9th, 2024.

During these two Olympic weeks, athletes from around the world will set foot on Lyonnaise soil and strive to secure their ticket to the finals. After hosting the final of the Women’s World Cup in 2019 and the semi-final of the Men’s Euro in 2016, the Lyon stadium will once again be the host of five final phase matches, including the one for the Bronze medal in the women’s tournament.

Image of football players at the Gerland stadium created by AI Football players at the Gerland stadium Imagined upon request by Lyon Visite

The French women’s team, which will play two matches in the capital of the Gauls and one match in Saint-Étienne (50 minutes from the center of Lyon), has chosen our city as its base camp during the Olympic period. It is in the Gerland district, where Olympique Lyonnais won 7 French championships for the men’s section and 16 for the women’s section, that the French team has chosen to stay. Often described as the best team in the world, the Olympique Lyonnais women’s team, led by Wendie Renard (captain of the French team), is proud to provide its facilities to the Olympic tournament teams and hopes to even meet some of its iconic players during the matches organized in Lyon, such as Lindsey Horan (USA captain), Ada Hegerberg (Norway), Vanessa Gilles (Canada), Ellie Carpenter (Australia), Daniëlle Van de Donk and Damaris Egurrola (Netherlands), … The draw for the Olympic soccer tournament, scheduled for March 20, 2024, will inform us about the national teams that will tread the turf of Lyon’s stadium. The people of Lyon hope that the Blue Team of Eugénie Le Sommer, the top scorer in the history of the French team, will reunite with the Blue Team of Kylian Mbappé. Eugénie Le Sommer, who shares the same first name as another great Lyonnaise, Eugénie Brazier, one of the mothers of current Lyonnais cuisine, who, among other things, trained Paul Bocuse.

With 11 matches in Lyon and 6 in Saint-Étienne, don’t miss this unique opportunity to combine your love for sports with the discovery of our local heritage.