Guided tour “Lyon, the pretty Gallo-Roman town”

Lugdunum, from the forum to the ancient theater

Head to Fourvière Hill to dive into the heart of Lugdunum, aka Lyon during the Gallo-Roman era. From the forum to the public baths, through the theater and the odeon, don’t miss a single ruin of the ancient heritage!

This tour was created by Ludivine Machado, an expert in the Gallo-Roman era. She has stayed in Rome, Seville, Greece, and has guided at the Museum of Saint-Romain-en-Gal and the Fourvière Museum. Your tour is led by either Ludivine or Claude.

Guided tour “Lyon, the pretty Gallo-Roman city”

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Your guided tour in detail

43 BC: Lugdunum, the hill of light, was founded by Lucius Munatius Plancus, a Roman general. Attracted by the two rivers and their commercial potential, he nevertheless decided to build the city center of what would become the capital of the Gauls at the top of Fourvière Hill. Why? Come and discover it with your guide, a specialist in Gallo-Roman antiquity, who will take you on a journey through ruins, back 2000 years.

This guided tour will take you in particular to the forum – the central square of any respectable Roman city, to the theater and the odeon – which still resonate every summer with the sound of the Nuits de Fourvière festival, in front of the public baths – hidden behind a much more recent building! or in front of what remains of the aqueducts.

Antique gallo-roman theater in Lugdunum Lyon Fourvière
The antique theater on the Fourvière hill

What’s the connection between the Roman Forum and the basilica that now stands at the top of the city? Where did the people of Lyon relax back in the day? How was water transported all the way up there? Could slaves sit on the theater’s steps? These are just a few of the questions that you’ll find answers to as you explore the ruins with your guide, who will make the stones speak and bring the buried ancient city back to life beneath your feet.

It will also be an opportunity to discover what happened to Lugdunum at the end of the Roman Empire… suspense!

Practical information about the guided tour

Your guides: It is led by either Ludivine or Claude.

Duration: It lasts two hours. Its duration can be adjusted according to your constraints and wishes.

Group: Your group can be of any size, from a few people to several dozen. The tour is private, you have the guide for your group only.

Meeting point: The starting point of the tour is set with you.

Language: It is conducted in French, English or Portuguese.

Who are your Lyon Visite guides?

All of our guides are certified professional tour guides.

Insurance : they have taken out professional insurance.

Enjoy your visit to Lyon, the pretty Gallo-Roman town!